Sunday, October 02, 2005


Many ways to skin a cat

I've just been banned by 'The Poosh' an English blogger. I suggest his pic with a Republican woman with a T-shirt which says 'I just neutered the cat. Now he's a Liberal' could have 'I just butchered the cat. Now he's liberated'. Looks like our neo-con friend doesn't have a sense of humour. He thinks I'm being offensive to those US and UK soldiers in Iraq. Well I think they are brave but they are following Bush and Blair's orders. Funny how the neo-cons don't find a war where apparently 100,000 or so Iraqi men, women and children have died or over 2000 Allied troops have died mainly because of non-existent 'WMDs' offensive. Nobody knows for sure with how many people from Iraq have dies as there isn't a body count for them. That's a lot of terrorists killed don't you think?

Still Poosh reckons the main reason to war wasn’t WMDs but there were lots of ‘cogs’ involved. Yep – there’s the oil cog, revenging Daddy’s cog and let’s find a way to justify the massive military budget cog. Also it seems like Poosh has been aping right-wing American blogger expressions like Moonbat and 'tard'. Again you would think that calling someone a retard is offensive to those who are genuinely mentally handicapped. Most people you think would grow out of such silly little insults when they left the playground. Anyway check out his site – it makes the Daily Mail look like a pleasant reasonable read;)

Amazing - every part of the argument is framed within a set of factless smear allegation built by the left, without sensable argument or rhetoric.

When they're exhausted, connect them somehow and make one BIG one! What next? Bush sank the Titanic?
Obviously Bush didn't sink the Titanic. Therefore are you implying that he is not involved in the Iraq War? Otherwise your comment on the Titantic is meaningless.

The arguments for going to war with Iraq was primarily over WMDs.Yet strangely none have been found. The intelligence which Bush and Blair went to war have been exposed as paper-thin and unreliable.

Therefore shouldn't the public ask why did we go to war?
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